ECEFast specialises in temperature measurement, whether contact, or infrared and temperature is the key measurement in the manufacture and processing of glass. Through our representation of Raytek we have many specialised software solutions for float glass cooling, and glass bending and tempering processes. These use the reliable Raytek MP150G line scanner and customised software with control outputs and on screen thermal visualisation. Similarly we can contribute in the glass wool, batts and fibre manufacturing processes.

Eurotherm control systems are used in the Australian glass industry and we can support and supply these at the highest technical level. PR Electronics gives us isolators, splitters, signal conditioning and IECEX barriers, HART power supplies and process displays.

Infrared products include portable, single point, line scanner and thermal imaging products (with application software) available in special versions for glass – generally measuring at 5 microns wavelength

  • PR Electronics universal DIN rail transmitters and isolators
  • Thermocouples, cables and accessories for contact temperature measurement
  • GS150LE PC monitoring system for tempering or bending Low Emissivity Glass
  • ES150 PC monitoring system for agglomerated lump detection in fibreglass batts
  • EC150 PC monitoring system for float glass line cooling
  • Hand held instruments and calibrators including FLUKE.

We offer our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for certifying temperature and humidity systems and instrument repair workshop and engineering services from our Technical Centre. These services can be on site if the equipment is not portable.

ECEFast Reliability: In business for 80 years – more than 15,000 new technology products from leading suppliers worldwide, PLUS unique custom design products designed and manufactured by ECEFast to your specifications.

ECEFast Confidence: approaching all projects with our high business ethics, and using solutions selected by experienced and qualified staff, ECEFast will work with you until the product or system does the task that was specified.