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Construction Materials

ECEFast is a key supplier to the Asphalt, Cement, Glass, Lime, Brick and Tile, and Gyprock industries. We are the exclusive distributor of E+E, Raytek, Datapaq, Gefran and PR Electronics instrumentation products in the Australian market, giving us a significant range of sensors and signal processing components. Teamed with Eurotherm control and display systems we are positioned to satisfy most requirements

Construction Materials

The following are a few of the solutions we have on offer, but we can also do custom engineering for specific projects:

  • Latest infrared technology - thermometers, thermal imaging, temperature sensors and moisture detectors and software systems for data acquisition and control
  • Transmitters for RH, temperature, displacement, flow, level, and frequency with IECEX transmitters and barriers
  • ECEFast-manufactured thermocouples and RTDs to your specifications:
    • Excalibur: heavy duty thermocouple for prolonged use at high temperatures for combustion to 1200°C
    • ECEFast abrasion resistant thermocouples for high temperatures

Use our NATA accredited calibration laboratory for temperature and on-site calibration of enclosures and equipment. Our Tech Centre provides instrument repair and maintenance services and ongoing technical support for the life of your products.

We also provide temperature-match curing solutions with wireless and GSM data systems for matching laboratory water baths to onsite curing temperatures. These systems use ECEFast developed software and so customised solutions are possible.

ECEFast Reliability: In business for 80 years – more than 15,000 new technology products from leading suppliers worldwide, PLUS unique custom design products designed and manufactured by ECEFast to your specifications.

ECEFast Confidence

approaching all projects with our high business ethics, and using solutions selected by experienced and qualified staff, ECEFast will work with you until the product or system does the task that was specified.