Temperature plays a vital role in processes in a wide range of industries. If temperature sensing, monitoring and control is part of your process, we can help you drive accuracy, efficiency and quality.

Food Safety

Managing temperature of food in the hospitality and food service sector is essential for HACCP compliance and consumer safety. You must ensure that foods are stored, prepped and cooked at temperatures that make them safe for human consumption and, in this stringently regulated sector you must also be able to prove that you are complying with all food safety rules. We provide hand-held probes and non-contact infra-red guns help you to monitor temperature of foods, ovens and fridges, with the data uploaded as electronic records, for tracking and audit purposes. We provide automated temperature monitoring that removes reliance on human intervention, flagging potential breaches and keeping consumers safe.

Food Manufacturing

Your business relies on applying the right level of heat to your ingredients. So as afood manufacturer, temperature management is at the core of your business, and ensuring that your processes are operating consistently at the right temperature is the key to product quality, taste and safety. Our sensors provide fixed temperature monitoring at key points in your manufacturing process, with an automated feed to your Programmable Logic Computer (PLC), so you can keep production within the required temperature parameters.

Glass Manufacturing

Being able to monitor temperature is crucial to your tempering process. In order to produce toughened glass with no distortions, you need to be able to identify any hot or cool spots once it comes out of the oven. Our IR temperature scanner takes thousands of temperature readings and produces a visual heat map image, which helps you to spot temperature anomalies and take corrective action for a high quality finish.

Museums and heritage

Precious artefacts and irreplaceable treasures are often fragile, unstable and highly sensitive to light, humidity and temperature. Without the right conditions, they can degrade over time, and/or restoration work is hampered. In order to preserve these items for future generations, you need to be able to keep them in the appropriate environment. You may be offered artefacts on loan from other institutions, and have to prove that you can provide the required conditions. If you are transporting heritage items, again, you need to be able to prove your vehicles have the appropriate controls. We provide sensors to help you monitor light, humidity and temperature to ensure that precious items are kept safe.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems require specialist sensors to measure the environment of the room and feedback the information your Building Management System (BMC). We can provider sensors to measures temperature and humidity, for buildings such as a hospital or other public space. For more complex settings, such as a research facility or pharmaceutical production facility, with air locks and clean rooms, we provide sensors to measure air flow and pressure, helping you to meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Life Sciences

In Life Sciences and medical research, the tissue samples and specimens you work must be consistently kept at the right temperature for scientific integrity and accurate experimentation. Many have been the source of years of research and are irreplaceable. It is essential that your fridges and freezers are operating within the appropriate temperature range, and that if they are not, you have an early alert so that you can take action. Your insurance company may demand proof that you have temperature monitoring in place before they will provide cover.

We provide continuous, automated monitoring of your cooling systems, which produces trend graphs and spots potential breaches. An automated alert – by phone, SMS, or email – gives you the chance to move specimens and reduce the risk of losing years’ worth of research.


Thermoforming is a temperature critical process – the plastic must reach the right high temperature to be moulded but must also cool at a controlled rate during the rotating process. Failure to manage the temperature of the process results in a lower standard product. We provide primary sensors that measure the temperature of the plastic at critical stages in the process, converting the information to an electrical signal to feed back into your Programmable Logic Computer (PLC) to control the process.

Cold storage and transport

If you are in the business of storing or transporting food, pharmaceuticals or other temperature sensitive goods, you have to be able to maintain the appropriate temperature inside your wearhouse and vehicles. Allowing the temperature to slip outside the mandated range will lead to spoiled, unsafe, or unsaleable goods.

We provide contact and non-contact sensors to help you monitor the temperature inside your specialist warehousing and trucks. To help you meet regulatory requirements where spot checks are not sufficient, we provide continuous monitoring and trend information, so that you can prove that your cold storage and transportation chain has been maintained at a safe temperature and that the goods have not been outside the mandated range for anything more than the allowed time.

We help organisations across a wide range of industries to:

  • Accurately manage temperature-critical processes
  • Operate efficiently, with automated monitoring
  • Eliminate manual checks and the risk of human error
  • Proactively correct temperature issues, using early warning alerts
  • Ensure consistent results for highest product quality
  • Keep plant and machinery working efficiently through preventative maintenance
  • Prevent product spoilage and eliminate the cost of wastage
  • Preserve and protect valuable assets
  • Comply with the regulatory requirements of their industry
  • Maintain accreditation with NATA or the TGA
  • Protect their reputation by maintaining high standards and quality

Protect against insurance claims, with proof of accurate and compliant processes

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