Industrial Measurement & Control

Industrial Measurement & Control

Ensuring a stable temperature is crucial in a range of industrial applications, including ovens, kilns, fridges, freezers and chilled transportation. We provide instrumentation that helps you to measure and control the temperature of your equipment and processes.

Our product range includes: 

Temperature and process controllers

For temperature measurement and control.

Contact thermometers and probes

For food safety and HACCAP applications.

Non-contact infrared handheld thermometers

For food safety and HACCAP.

High temperature non-contact infrared
temperature transmitters

For industrial, mining and manufacturing applications.

Continuous level transmitters

Custom-built level switches

Flow Transmitters for compressed air and gas lines

Inline and paddle flow switches.

Industrial Pressure Transducers

Differential pressure and high temperature melt pressure transmitters.

Air velocity sensors for industrial, ventilation and clean
room applications.

Position and displacement sensors

Including potentiometers, magnetostrictives, rotary and inclinometers.

Strain and Force gauge sensors

Load cells.

Humidity measurement sensors

Including dew point and moisture, for industrial and HVAC applications.

Co2 transmitters

Wall and duct mount.

Signal conditioning devices

For the process industry within temperature, I.S. interfaces, panel meters, signal isolators and converters.

Handheld test tools and data loggers For temperature, humidity, speed (RPM), PH level, vibration, power analysers, light, water analysis.

Customised products

Controllers to meet your precise requirements.

Extensive range

We have an extensive range of industrial instrumentation from recognised local and international suppliers, to meet almost any requirement. From a simple part replacement to complex system implementation, we’ll provide the best possible solution available with outstanding customer service.

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