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23 January 2015
Paver asphalt temperature monitored on any 3G smart device

ECEFast has developed a web based interface to monitor road paving asphalt temperatures in real time on a smart phone with SMS alarms.

22 January 2015
Waste sterilising autoclaves - long life temperature probes

ECEFast has developed a new sensor design for load core temperature measurement in waste sterilisation autoclaves

2 December 2014
Clamp on flow meters are the most economical

Transit time flowmeters can achieve 1% flow measurement accuracy in a very wide range of pipe materials and sizes and at low cost - no wonder they are gaining in popularity so fast

2 December 2014
Submersible radar level transmitter for flooding sites

Achieves reliable level measurement with 26GHz radar in applications which may be completely flooded

2 December 2014
Lightning protection for two wire loops

Field instrumentation is subject to high energy surges induced in wiring by proximate lightning strikes - protection devices can be fitted

18 November 2014
Wireless sytems for monitoring pharma/ health facilities

Complete range of monitoring systems solutions with long range trouble free wireless connection in life science related applications

29 October 2014
ECEFast Plastics Industry Newsletter

Read our first industry specific Newsletter - relevant but varied in content.

9 October 2014
Fine Foods Fair 2014 - release of Kelsius FoodCheck HACCP management system

ECEFast has released Kelsius Foodcheck - an automated control system for food safety management in kitchens and food processing. It is tablet based for user interface and data is stored and available anywhere, anytime on the internet.

18 August 2014
6mm DIN modules - new range - premium performance

PR electronics has released aa complete series of 6mm wide DIN moules for signal conditioning, isolation and splitters - all with the full 5 year warranty.