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IECEX Instrumentation

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IECEx Universal Barrier - PR-9113

Intrinsically safe temperature/mA converter.

Field temperature transmitter HART, IECEx with display PR 75...

<p>Field temperature TX HART, SS and alloy cases, IECEx with display PR 7501& push button</p>
PR 7501 transmitter - button configuration

IECEx Pressure Transmitter 2W compact 0-7~0-1600bar Gems 31I...

IECEx Pressure Transmitter 2W compact 0-7~0-1600bar - Gems 31IS
Gems 31IS & 32IS transmitter styles

HART transparent barrier for 4-20mA Inputs & Outputs IEC...

HART transparent driver and repeater for IECEx process signals
PR-9106 Repeater

IECEX 2-Wire Programmable Head TX - PR-533XD Series

Temperature transmitter economical, rugged, water-resistant head mount - high accuracy with IECEx
PR-533X series head transmitters

IECEx hand held infra red thermometer FK-568EX

IECEx Hand Held Infra Red Thermometer FK-568EX
Fluke 568EX intrinsically safe IECEx

Compact Infrared Temperature Transmitters - Raytek Mi3 IECE...

Compact fixed non-contact temperature sensors with Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet options - IECEx
Raytek MI3 with standard box

IECEx Solenoid / Alarm Driver - PR-9203

Universal driver for solenoids/alarms.

IECEx Pulse Isolator - PR-9202

Intrinsically safe barrier for NAMUR & relays

IECEx Universal Converter - PR-9116

Universal input isolator with SIL 2.

Humidity, Dewpoint and water in oil transmitter for hazardou...

Industrial humidity, dewpoint and water in oil transmitter for hazardous location IECEx EE-300Ex
EE300Ex  IECEx wall mount version
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