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Operator Interfaces – Human Machine Interfaces

Brainchild Electronics has released a new range of colour touch HMIs from 4.3 inch to 15.5 inch with the very latest available technology. These devices are manufactured by Brainchild and have amazing prices for one-off projects or for OEM volume applications. They have high resolution long life displays and the larger sizes are available with stainless steel mounting bezel and IP66 sealing in the panel.

 ECEFast can provide the HMI as a component, or with all matching I/O devices, sensors and configurations.

SmartPanels are new Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Operator Interfaces, WinCE 6.0, LED technology, Wide panels, higher resolution, and four sizes in 4.3”, 7”, 10” & 15”. Ethernet, USB host, 2 Serial ports, SD, Audio input/output. Extensive connectivity to Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP. CANopen,BACnet/IP & CC-Link. Metal/Stainless steel enclosures for rugged environments. Vertical/Horizontal installation. IP66K for Food, Beverage, Pharma and Oil & Gas.

As a professional and experienced operator interface panel manufacturer, we supply high-performance and quality human machine interfaces (HMI), which are also called operator panels, operator interfaces, operator interface terminals, HMI, industrial HMI, HMI screen, and HMI touch screen.

  • Five models in four sizes of 4.3”, 7”, 10” & 15”
  • Two low-cost models HMI 450 & 730 with optional Ethernet and SD slot, three high-performance HMI 750, 1060 (wide screen) & 1550 with standard Ethetnet and SD slot.
  • Touch panels, higher resolution and all in 65536 colours
  • USB host, 2 Serial ports.
  • Networks of Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet & EtherNet/IP, CANopen, CC-Link.
  • Advanced and reliable WinCE 6.0 platform with more features for efficient and sophisticated control solutions
  • HMI 750, 1550 standard aluminium front bezels, optional stainless-steel fronts for food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries
  • Rugged stainless steel front bezels with IP66K for high protection on dust & water, and polished surface for easy cleaning
  • Large memory of 128 MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM, sound input + output, 3DI + 3DO
  • USB Host port used for Keyboard, USB stick and mouse
  • Horizontal or vertical installation and display
  • Wide range of power supply 11-36 VDC or 90-250 VAC
  • LED backlight for even-colour displays and long lifetime
  • Open WinCE 6.0 Core & Professional panels for OEM business


Ethernet TCP distributed I/O DIN Modules for process signals

DIN modules for direct interface of sensors such as thermocouples, RTDs and potientiometers with ethernet 10/100 Base-T networks with Modbus TCP protocol. Outputs on the network with modules for digital, relay and analog. Configuration with standard browsers

  • Modules 16DI/ DIB for digital inputs / with counters
  • Modules16DO/4RO for digital outputs /or 4 relay outputs
  • Modules 8DIO with both digital inputs and outputs
  • Modules 8AIIS /8AIVS for isolated current input/ isolated voltage inputs
  • Modules 8TCS  for isolated thermocouple inputs universal
  • Modules 6RTDS for  RTD inputs universal
  • Modules PT8AOI/ AOV  for analog output current/voltage

Compatible with ECEFast RampX web server software system for interaction with sytems on LAN, WAN and internet distributed IO. These modules can be readily integrated into any Modbus TCP network.

Delivery on modules within 5 days even if not showing in stock


Distributed I/O modules Modbus RS485 & TCP for analog & digital signals

A series of 14 DIN rail modules offering all common analog inputs and outputs, plus digital I/O as either separate or combined function modules. These suit systems based on the Brainchild HMI series on this website, or our own RampX systems. They are used to build low cost distributed systems for data acquisition and control. System visualisation is possible depending on the HMI used. Isolated modules are recommended for analog voltage and current and thermocouple inputs although lower cost non isolated versions are available. Communications software is available as a free download, and this allows integration with any third party devices which can act as Modbus RTU masters.

  • Dimensions 23x109x98mm
  • Power supply 12-24V DC
  • Up to 128 Modules on two wire RS485 network
  • Watchdog timer 1-255 seconds
  • Isolation – where applied – 1500V RMS
  • 32 Bit / Digital filters to 6553 msec
  • Digital Counter to 1000Hz Up/Down
  • Digital off – 0-6.5V Digital on – 12-24VDC

See the part numbers for specification of all I/O types – analog, thermocouple, RTD, pulse etc –

DELIVERY 5 days for any module not stocked

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