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Hand held digital thermometer with handheld probe – waterproof with alarms


Compact hand held thermometer with digital display and good functionality. While very applicable for FOOD SAFETY – HACCP use, the thermometer is strong and accurate and usable in a variety of industrial applications. The probe is thermistor based for high accuracy, and with a screw-on locking connector on the instrument. The case is waterproof. battery life of 2x CR2032 button cells is over 1000 hours.

  • Measuring range:  -40°C to 300°C/-40°F to 572°F
  • Accuracy:  ±0.5°C (-10°C to 100°C); ± 1.0°C(-20°C to -10°C)(100°C to 150°C); otherwise ± 2°C
  •  Resolution: 0.1°F(0.1°C)
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Probe Size: 150 x 4mm SS with point and 1.5m lead
  • Magnet on case back for surface mounting, flip stand or hanging.

93710 HACCP Manager Kit

  • Handheld (37100)
  • MicroNeedle Probe (50209-K)
  • Battery Charger (9382)
  • USB Cable (9412)
  • Software CD-ROM (9384)

Features & Specifications:

  • Measuring Range: -40°C to 300°C/-40°F to 572°F
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5°C (-10°C to 100°C), +/- 1.0°C (-20°C to -10°C) (100°C to 150°C), otherwise +/- 2°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°F(0.1°C)
  • Cable: 1.5m
  • Reduced tip probe 150mm*4mm
  • Battery: CR2032*2 Button (1500 hours)
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • High/Low temperature alarm function
  • Calibration function
  • Fast response
  • Auto power off function
  • Backlight function
  • Max/Min function
  • Magnet on the back
  • Handheld, flip stand and hanging

We offer a version with NATA certification at selected points -18, 0 and 100C particularly for food safety applications.

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