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Gefran TR force transducer for measuring the tension on fixed or rotating spindles


TR series force transducers are used to measure the tension that plastic films or tapes exert on the guide rollers of the machinery used to coil them. Mounted at the ends of a fixed or transmission shaft on the machine chassis, they perform the function of force sensors and bearing for the ends of the shaft.

  • Range of measurement: from 100N to 2kN
  • Accuracy class: 0.5%
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Internally generated calibration signal
  • Orientation of the axis of maximum sensitivity for 35° independently from the position of the fixing holes
  • Grade of protection: IP65 (DIN 40050)
  • Integrated protection against overloads

Product Overview:

Gefran TR Series are used on both fixed and rotating shafts. They are supplied with the adaptor flange for fixing, with 4 M6 screws or with one central M10 or M12 screw.


  • Accuracy: 0,50%
  • Nominal full-scale load (Ln): 100N…2kN
  • Nominal output at FSO:2mV/V
  • Output tolerance at Ln: <± 1% FSO
  • Combined errors: Nonlinearity Hysteresis, Repeatability: < ± 0,5% FSO
  • Creep (after 30 min. at Ln): < ± 0,06% FSO
  • Zero load out of balance signal: < ± 1% FSO
  • Nominal bridge resistance: 350 Ohm
  • Nominal supply voltage: 10 V
  • Compensated temperature range: -10...+50°C
  • Maximum temperature range: -20...+60°C
  • Permitted static load: 100% Ln
  • Maximum applicable load: 300% Ln
  • Maximum elastic deformation at Ln: < 0,5 mm
  • Electrical connections: Connector: VPT02A10-6PT2
  • Elastic element material: Aluminum (100...1kN) Stainless steel (1.5kN - 2 kN)
  • Case material: Anodised aluminum (Flange and bearing in AISI 303)

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