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Hanwell Pro

Effective environmental monitoring and control with high sensory accuracy, LCD display and strong radio strength for the most challenging obstacles.

Hanwell Pro is the most high-end advanced environmental monitoring system currently in the market. It features sensory accuracy, LCD display and high level radio strength to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

The Hanwell Pro range is unique compared to any other devices,  it provides an extensive range of systems dedicated to your needs.

Complete Environmental Monitoring 24/7

Whether it’s single, or multiple installations worldwide,  Hanwell Pro can be tailored to any facility setup with full coverage.

With the Hanwell Pro range, you can track whatever you want, whenever necessary! You will have access to alarm functions and data no matter where you are. No criteia for installation is too difficult for Hanwell Pro.


Hanwell Pro Temperature Wireless Transmitters

Various measurement of choice for multiple applications

The Hanwell Pro series of wireless temperature transmitters ranges between -200 to +110°C (depending on application).

Temperature & Humidty

Ellab wireless temperature and humidity transmitters range are known to be the most flexible units at the current market. Every unit has been created to be suited with a large range of temperature and humidity sensors for precise and reliable measurement specifically chosen for the users requirements.

Differential Pressure

The Hanwell Pro units provides you an option of LCD or no LCD display with various pressure ranges: +/-1250Pa Range or +/-50Pa Range.

Type of Applications

• Filter monitoring
• Air ventilation systems

Suited with our wireless EMS monitoring system for live 24/7 data with instant alarm notifications.

Flood & Leak

The Hanwell Pro Flood transmitters are available as single and dual channel wireless transmitters with a flood sensor utilised for flood and leak detection for 24/7 notification of water ingress. This reliable transmitter is used with our renowned Hanwell Pro temperature and humidity monitoring system for 24/7 data and instant alarm notifications.


Flood cable supplied separately.


The Hanwell pro unit is a CO2 and Thermistor sensor powered eternally with an internal battery for setting up and downloading the data from the unit.

Channel 1 is CO2 and Channel 2 is the Thermistor.

CO2 and Temperature sensors sold separately.


Compatible with our wireless EMS monitoring system for 24/7 real-time data and instant alarm notifications.


Data from the sensors are gathered, processed and saved in the unit. The data is automatically transferred when the computer is running. If the computer is off-line data will back up internally. Once the computer comes back online the data transfer will recommence automatically.

Hanwell IceSpy

Quality, reliable and cost effective system for environmental monitoring that provides radio strength, accuracy and cold-chain solutions,  covering the most common applications.

Hanwell IceSpy provides an adaptable wireless monitoring system for multiple measurement choices. The technological advancement in this wireless system is available throughout all Hanwell software, tools and devices. Extra IQ and OQ protocols are also available for validation systems in food and healthcare sectors.


Hanwell IceSpy Temperature Wireless Transmitters

A variety of measurement choices are available for multiple applications

The Hanwell IceSpy series of temperature sensors units are reliable and flexible created for wireless temperature monitoring for and across numerous applications.

Temperature ranges between -200 to +350 °C (includes external probes)

Temperature & Humidity

Hanwell IceSpy IN-RH001 RH/T Wireless Transmitter

Hanwell IceSpy RH/T unit is a reliable and flexible humidity and temperature wireless transmitter used with the Hanwell IceSpy RH/T sensor.

Instrument Measuring Range is between -30°C to +50°C.

Can be paired with our wireless EMS monitoring system for 24/7 real-time data (wherever and whenever) including instant alarm notifications.

Multi – Purpose (CO2, Pressure)

Hanwell IceSpy IN-MA/VT Multi-Purpose Analogue Transmitters

Gives users a reliable and flexible solution to CO2, air flow and differential pressure measurement.

Each unit has been created to be compatible with Hanwell IceSpy’s predecessor System 5. It incorporates a broad range of measurement choices for multiple applications in industries including Food, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

Transport System

End to End Cold Chain temperature monitoring

Closed-loop wireless monitoring

Ellabs advanced and effective way for monitoring cold chain temperature using the Transport System. Can be used with the Ellab environmental monitoring systems; Hanwell Pro or Hanwell IceSpy for refrigerated transport data acquisition via wireless transmission to the central database. Or can be used as a standalone transport system.

Hanwell EMS

The Hanwell EMS software brings environmental monitoring data display to a different level. The high quality displays gives a general outline of site sensor activity, allowing you to customize data groups to suit the individual user. Data information is gathered in the format of interactive graphs, tables and plan views to enable users to slice historical environmental data in different ways for more advanced analysis. With the Hanwell EMS you can manage user access levels through customizable groups.  Access for managing environmental information and data has never been so easy.


EMS | Environmental Monitoring Software

Hanwell’s environmental monitoring software (EMS) can be utilised with Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy hardware for a secure and flexible system for comprehensive data collection, analysis and alarm notifications.

Key Features and Benefits

✔  User access management and control via simple permissions process

  Ease of navigation to alarms, reporting tools and administration areas

  Ease of access to historical data

  Provides flexible grouping of sensors to customize views even across multiple sites

✔  Various alarm features available 

  Full history of recorded data available for analysis by users anytime

Validatable Software

Dedicated for the pharmaceutical industry, we provide full scale IQ and OQ protocols and custom protocols, where necessary. Qualified engineers and distributors are available for smooth validation protocol execution.

EMS assists with national regulatory compliance requirements

GxP Guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, HACCP, ISO 20387 Biobanking, CAP and ISO 22000 food standards

Dedicated to your needs

  • Single or multi-user access for small to large monitoring needs.
  • Share data with users and allocate permissions to various data groups where required.
  • Gathers and presents data for more than one environmental applications.
  • Shows quick overview of sites and/or sensor groups specified by individual users.
  • Access interactive graphs, tables and plan views for detailed data analysis.
  • System validation to organization requirements with full supporting IQ & OQ protocols.

Whenever you want

  • Allows you to see 24/7 real-time data
  • Efficient notification systems for email and SMS alarms notification to user-defined personnel.
  • Generates automated reports or access data instantly via the system with ease.


  • Access important information on your local device, through the company intranet or company network and the internet.
  • See and interact with data or settings wherever globally using commercially available browser based formats.

Hanwell EMS Alarms smartphone app 

Available on Android and IOS smartphones

The Hanwell EMS Alarms App allows you to access Hanwell EMS sites and sensor group data with real-time alarm notification. Instant alerts anywhere and anytime for peace of mind.

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