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Temperature Sensors

ECEFast is a broad base industrial instrumentation and supply company, but our CORE business is temperature. TEMPERATURE is the second most common physical value measured next to TIME. We manufacture custom designed temperature sensors, and have all associated components and instruments, as well as infra red temperature sensors and hand held thermometers.

We are experts in this field, and we can provide solutions for technically difficult  temperature measurement applications


  • Mineral Insulated thermocouples from 1mm to 10.8mm
  • Rare metal thermocouples – R, S and B
  • Wire and bead thermocouples in K and N calibrations
  • Ceramic Sheath thermocouples
  • RTD, Pt100, Pt1000 in Class A, B and through to 1/10 DIN [Band 5]
  • Mineral Insulated RTD down to 2mm diameter
  • Specials from Marlin – Tungsten Rhenium, Molybdenum and other high temperature materials
  • Hand held probes to suit our instruments in many designs or custom design
  • EXCALIBUR – the toughest thermocouple made – MI construction @ 18mm diameter for high temperature combustion to 1200C
  • Bore hole thermocouples for blast hole testing
  • Abrasion resistance at high temperature

Facilities & capabilities

The ECEFast Sensors Division is based in our headquarters in Notting Hill Victoria. The facility utilises Lean Manufacturing practices to produce products of the highest quality with short lead times and competitive pricing. Most commonly requested products are pre-manufactured and available for immediate delivery, whilst other sensors are manufactured to specification and shipped within a few days.

We offer sensor accessories such as cable and connectors, thermowells and protection tubes.

ECEFast excels at providing advice and customized temperature sensors, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can be contacted on 1800 811 818 or by emailing

REFERENCE MATERIAL - understand the technology for better results

Thermocouple Fundamentals - a detailed look at how thermocouples work - if you understand this you will be ahead of your peers

RTD Fundamentals - how RTDs are used to measure temperature - more accurate at low temperatures than thermocouples

Thermocouple specifications - little understood numbers that help you understand what can, and cannot be done

Temperature Measurement - a white paper presenting data for measurements in real industrial situations