At ECEFast our goal is simple; to provide monitoring and alarm systems for your critical equipment – with the option of annual certification to ISO 17025.

Having quality environmental monitors in place in critical equipment and storage areas must be a top priority for hospitals and healthcare providers, as not having a system in place could yield catastrophic results. Everything from vaccines and tissue samples to blood and blood products needs to be kept at specific temperature and humidity levels, to ensure to the health and safety of all patients.

Major Public Hospital Goes Live!

After an extensive trial, the Hanwell wireless temperature monitoring system was finally signed off by Area Project Management Office and NSW eHealth to the Hospital’s Pharmacy Departments on 26th May as their primary temperature monitoring system for drugs and vaccines.

In excess of 60 temperature measurement points in three pharmacies and one after – hours drugs store were located across the entire hospital. The Hanwell system provides real-time temperature records, instant SMS notifications of temperature breaches 24/7 and a range of automatically scheduled reports delivered by email to pharmacy staff.

Our Fridge Monitoring Systems

ECEFast is a temperature specialist with a complete range of sensors and NATA Calibration laboratory ISO 17025. ECEFast has many installations in public and private institutions and research laboratories and can monitor any physical value that can be measured.

Our other Specialty Services

NATA ISO 17025 certifications for temperature and RH

FastLab is our NATA accredited calibration laboratory. We provide on-site calibrations of enclosures and laboratory calibration of portable instruments for temperature and RH/ Dew Point over a wide range of values and small uncertainty.

Autoclave and Steriliser Loggers

ECEFast has a complete range of stainless steel high-temperature loggers for autoclaves and sterilisers rated to 140C and 5 bar pressure. These are available for temperature and pressure.

Temperature measurement specialists

ECEFast is a temperature measurement specialist. We manufacture sensors and have a complete range of instrumentation and loggers. We also provide calibration and reference instrumentation, and can advise on difficult measurement applications.

Monitoring systems for Biomedical and research

ECEFast can supply systems which are fully functional and compliant with all applicable standards including CFR21 Part 11.  ECEFast can assist with fully validated systems using  Hanwell Synergy wireless hardware and a special version of Synergy.