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Custom Test Equipment


From its incorporation in November 1932, and for the next 50 years, Herbert Griffiths designed and built specialised ovens and furnaces in the Chemelec brand. His creativity, and design expertise has been inherited by his grandson Gregor Baird, and he uses this to continue the tradition of making special products. As a Mechanical Engineer with grounding in thermodynamics, computer science, and with many years exposure to process sensors and instrumentation, Gregor has extended our project scope to include “related” products such as tensile testers.

ECEFast has full sheet metal fabrication capability, and extensive experience with ceramics, refractory and insulating materials as well as heating elements, power control and process control.

Paint Test Ovens

This is our only standard product – and of course it can still be customised – we have supplied these for more than 60 years to paint companies, and paint users in Australia and Asia. With a reputation for long, trouble-free life and excellent performance, the Chemelec ROF ovens are recommended by the major companies in the field.

Data is available through our products section on line LINK but we are happy to discuss your special requirements for future projects.

Air Circulation Ovens

Paint Testing is one application for the larger group of ovens – Air Circulation Ovens. We are not in the business of light duty low temperature laboratory style ovens, but we are in the business of heavy duty, industrial, high temperature, standalone air circulation ovens. These have been used for reprocessing of silver from film, thermal conditioning of plastics, tempering of springs, specialised drying processes and others where strength, ability to run 24/7 and special construction features are needed.

A particular project involved development of an oven to test FIRE DOORS to the Australian Standard where the doors are subject to high temperature, and cycling pressure, and have to maintain a minimum leak rate for air.

Specialised Furnaces

Even more diverse applications exist for custom designed furnaces, and possibly fewer firms exist with the flexibility, expertise and capacity to produce them. We have the advantage of having access to all the components from our suppliers, and the history of thousands of furnaces built.

  • Temperature Sensors – made in house
  • NATA testing for temperature and spatial uniformity to ISO 17025
  • Specialised high density ceramics including exotic materials
  • Advanced control systems and data recording from Eurotherm
  • Advanced Power switching and continuous control from Eurotherm
  • Sheet metal work in house
  • Insulation materials and heat flow calculations
  • Diverse portfolio of successful designs

Custom Test Equipment

The capabilities we have described above, have allowed us to complete some unusual projects where standard products were not available.

Biaxial tensile testing machine – developed to clients specification for testing architectural shade cloth in two directions simultaneously. The forces we applied pneumatically and measure with load cells, while extension was measured with transducers. The data acquisition was in real time with graphical analysis and logging/export of data.

Concrete MIMIC project – System designed for remote [GSM] monitoring of concrete curing temperatures. The data is transmitted to a website where its available for review – SMS alarms possible. The field temperatures are used automatically as set points for the Concrete sample water bath. The samples experience the same temperature history since pouring, as the actual structure. ECEFast made the complete system including the RTU and thermocouples, the water bath and control system, and the WEB based software.

Evaporation Monitor – sensor designed to measure solar evaporation rates for automated weather stations – measurement of level in still water to better than 0.1mm achieved using magnetostrictive sensor and float.

Wireless Data Acquisition on ROTOMOULD oven – system to measure and transmit [RF] mould cavity temperature to a control system on a continuous basis. Involved the design of a unique heat resisting enclosure with battery powered transmitters.

We cannot claim we can do “anything” but we welcome your inquiry to see if we can do “something” for you.