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E+E Elektronik E+E HVAC Miniature Air Flow Probe


EE-671 is a Compact air velocity probe for HVAC. Measurement ranges up to 20m/s (4000ft/min). Voltage or Modbus RTU output.

  • Air Velocity measurement range: ranges 0-5, 0-10, 0-15 ,0-20 m/sec
  • Analogue output signal: 0 – 1 / 5 / 10 V2), max. 1 mA
  • Power supply 10-29VDCAnalogue
  • Temperature operating: -20 to 60°C
  • Body 120mm x 12mm diameter – mounting flange included
  • Configurable and adjustable
  • Response time: 4 sec

Product Overview:

It operates on the hot-film anemometer principle and ensures high accuracy and reproducibility as well as long-term stability and outstanding resistance to pollutants.

EE671 is available with fix installed cable or with plug connection. The measured air velocity up to 20 m/s (4000 ft/min) is available at voltage output 0 - 1 V, 0 - 5 V or 0 - 10 V or on the Modbus RTU interface.

The alignment nut on the probe and the matching mounting flange simplifies the installation, the correct orientation in the air flow and the precise control of the immersion depth.

With an optional configuration kit, the user can set via a digital setup interface the output configuration and perform an adjustment of the probe.


Measuring range:

0...5m/s (0...1000ft/min)
0...10m/s (0...2000ft/min)
0...15m/s (0...3000ft/min)
0...20m/s (0...4000ft/min)


0.5... 5m/s: ±(0.2m/s (40ft/min) +3% of MV)
1... 10m/s: ±(0.3m/s (60ft/min) +4% of MV)
1... 15m/s: ±(0.35m/s (70ft/min) +5% of MV)
1... 20m/s: ±(0.4m/s (80ft/min) +6% of MV)
Outputs:0-1/5/10 V (max. 1 mA),Modbus RTU
Supply:10-29V DC SELV
Sigma 05 - Modular Sensor Platform

The EE671 is compatible with the Sigma 05 host device of the E+E Modular Sensor Platform. Together they become a versatile, plug and-play RH / T modular sensor with analogue outputs and optional display. Besides EE072, Sigma 05 accommodates also other E+E intelligent sensing probes. See for further details.

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