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ECEFast Type K Hand Held Surface Probe


The ECE Industrial Surface Temperature Probe is compatible with any temperature measurement device that accommodates Type K thermocouples. It boasts a miniature thermocouple connector and incorporates cold reference junction compensation for precision. This versatile probe is adept at measuring static surface temperatures up to a maximum of 400°C.

Our surface probes are available in two distinct versions: the straight head and the right-angle head which is designed to improve access in situations where the target surface is challenging to reach.

We offer customized surface probes lengths tailored specifically to your unique application requirements.

TS- TP04 quick response surface probe

  • Type K, 15mm Surface Head Diameter.
  • 100mm Stem Length
  • temperature 400°C
  • Handle with 2m PVC curly cable and miniature thermocouple plug
  • Response around 10 seconds
  • Custom versions available including right angle head.

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