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ECEFast TS-12 Style Thermocouple – IP67 Large Alloy Head, No Thread, Stainless Steel Sheath

TS-12 T/C

TS-12 Thermocouple Series

  • Large Alloy Terminal Head
  • No Process Fitting
  • Thermocouple Types: (J, K, T, N)
  • Mineral Insulated (MI) Construction
  • Optional Probe Diameter and Length
  • Standard Diameters: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm (Others Available)
  • Immediate delivery on standard stocked Sensors
  • 3-5 Day delivery on custom manufactured Sensors

Product Overview:


TS-12 Construction

  • IP67 Large Aluminium (Bakelite, Stainless and Cast Iron optional) Terminal Head
  • Simplex construction
  • No Fixed Process fitting
  • (See Accessories for Available Compression Fittings)
  • Diameter: 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm (Others available) at various lengths
  • Cold Junction: Rated at 100°C
  • Connector block: Bakelite (Ceramic and 4-20mA Transmitter optional)
  • Thermocouple Calibration Types
  • K (Up to 1100°C) J (0°C to 750°C) T (-200°C to 400°C) N (up to 1150°C)
  • Mineral insulated cable – Grounded or Ungrounded
  • Various MI Material sheaths
    Type K: SS310, Inconel 600, (Pyrosil available)
    Type J: SS316
    Type T: SS316
    Type N: Inconel 600, Pyrosil

We offer a comprehensive range of thermocouple sensors with connection terminal heads designed to protect the internal components from harsh operation environments. Our sensors come with a IP67 rating, all screws, washers and chain are stainless steel.
Each probe in our TS series are manufactured in-house in our Melbourne factory and comes in various calibrations (J, K, N, T, R), Standard designs are available in stock while we are fully equipped to make custom probes to suit all applications.
Our TS-12 with large head allows you to add a head mounted transmitter for 4-20mA Output as long as the head is not above 80°C. When using compression fittings please allow for extra length of the fitting and a suitable stand off from the process, normally 50mm minimum to keep the head cool.

Contact us for any technically difficult temperature measurement application.

Data Sheets

TS-12 T/C_Data_Sheet