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ECEFast LS-S1 Series Level Switches


We offer a comprehensive range of level switches with single unit or multiple reed switches housed tightly in a 316 stainless steel stem designed to your specifications. To order these please download the appropriate drawing from our website and mark it as required then send to us, we’re also able to manufacture custom versions with different flanges and terminations. Please contact us so we can develop a suitable design.

Product Overview:

Custom made float level switches from ECEfast contains a permanent magnet which with activate the reed switch within the 316 Stainless Steel float, these float/floats are mounted on the stem and locked in place with 316 Stainless Steel collars. The rise and fall of liquid moves the float up and down activates the switch, creating a change of state in the circuit, i.e either opening or closing the switch.

Our S1 Floats are in 316 Stainless Steel. Max 130°C with 1-10 bar pressure and S.G of > 0.8 (Ok for diesel fuel). A maximum of 5 floats can be fitting in one stem assembly and length to 3000mm.

  • When specifying switch action please nominate state of switch when tank is empty
  • LS series reed switches are not designed to switch inductive or capacitive , or high current loads. In these cases an intermediate protective device of appropriate capacity should be installed
  • These switches are designed to operate at Extra Low Voltage (ELV) and they are not warranted for use at mains voltage.
  • Electrically we recommend to configure low voltage operation with Max 30W and breakdown voltage >430V


  • Aluminium, Bakelite, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Head
  • M12 Connection for up to 3 levels with common wire
  • Common or Independent wiring
  • Flying leads for Junction boxes and screw terminals
  • Stainless Steel process connection
  • Bulkhead fitting available
  • Threaded connection (1 inch and 2 inch BSP) BSPP, NPT or sliding compression fitting down to ½”BSP
  • Flange connection
  • Optional temperature sensor in assembly

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