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Comark Pressure / Manometers for DRY USE

Comark KM-9500 Dry Use

Our range of Dry Use Pressure Meters are designed for use in applications where the necessary measurement being taken has only air or non-corrosive gas on both the positive (+) and negative (-) pressure ports.

Common Applications include high pressure test & measurement applications, such as in clean-rooms, isolation rooms, filter status, leak detection and stairwell pressurization.

The Comark C9500 series Dry Use Pressure Meters combines high accuracy with speed of response and is designed to function between the pressure range with twin inputs for positive/negative gauge or differential pressure measurement.

Pressure units: PSI, mbar, inH2O, inHg, mmHg, torr, kPa, cmH2O, Kgcm-2

Pressure Measurement Range0 to ±7000 mBar
Resolution0.1 to 1mBar
Accuracy±0.2% of full scale (FS) at +23°C
Repeatability±0.1% of full scale (FS) at +23°C
Mean Temperature Coefficient of Reading<0.1% per °C
Operating Temperature Range0 to 50°C
Humidity Range10 to 90% RH non-condensing
EMCTested to EN61326-1 Criteria B performance
Environmental ProtectionIP67, BS:EN60529, IEC529
Battery*9V PP3 6F22 — MN1604 UCAR9V
Low Battery WarningDisplays BAT just before end point of battery
Over Pressure Indication– – – –
Over 9999 Reading IndicationLowest 4 digits blink
Connections1/8" BSP female

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