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5 Key Benefits of Choosing ECEFast for Temperature Monitoring Systems
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Industry Innovation

ECEFast has been working with large temperature monitoring system clients for nearly 30 years in Australia. This has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of what customers want and need in a temperature monitoring system. Our suppliers are chosen based on their ability to provide system technologies that we can take in to the market and deliver truly exceptional results. Having the ability to design and manufacture temperature sensors from cryogenic application to in excess of 1000 Celsius underpins our expertise in temperature technologies.

Market Leader

ECEFast has been designing and installing wireless temperature monitoring systems for 12+ years. Our reputation for exceeding expectations has been refined with a focus in the healthcare, medical research and life sciences sectors.

Our reputation has been earned through delivering very reliable and full featured systems that deliver on promises made. From small to the largest systems in Australia. Our greatest satisfaction is the way customers talk about ECEFast and their preparedness to be a reference for any new customer.

It’s all about confidence in the supplier as much as it is about the system itself.

Our three areas of sustainable competitive advantage:

  1. An outstanding product range
  2. Talented people
  3. Expertise gained through numerous successful projects

It takes all three to be a market leader, which we are continuously building upon.

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Complete Solutions

The challenge for any customer is to make the many decisions needed to bring a complex project to a successful conclusion.

ECEFast recognises that the more value we can add and the greater scope we can satisfy, then the ease of decision making and project management becomes a factor in choosing your solution provider for wireless monitoring systems.

We have expertise in:

  • Temperature sensor design and manufacturing
  • An internationally accredited temperature and humidity calibration facility
  • After sales services and support options

This enables ECEFast to manage solutions from inception, delivery and through the entire life cycle.

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Service First

Customer referral is a key part of our growth story. When customers refer to you to colleagues, acquaintances, or even total strangers, you have a great reputation.

Customer focus is an integral part of establishing this reputation. We set out at the beginning of each new project with the goal of creating a new customer that will love the system we deliver – so much so, they go on to tell others about it.


Taking great pride and care in delivering wireless monitoring systems that work as promised, is paramount. We are with the customer from the beginning of the concept phase, right through to completion and ongoing service support relationship. We have a ‘customer for life’ attitude that endears us to many customers that have our systems.


Serving a customer is a privilege and we know that we wont disappoint if we are given the opportunity.


Reliability and Experience

With humble beginnings in the 1930s working with an emerging industrialised Australia, ECEFast has followed developments in temperature technology and has contributed to the evolution of industry in Australia.

Today, we remain an active provider of systems and sensors for a great many organisations where temperature is so important. From food, medical, pharmaceutical through to manufacturing and heavy industry, we have played an important role.


Wireless monitoring has been available since the 1990s and become increasingly available during the 2000s. Based largely on 2.4GHz technology spun off from the computer industry (think WiFi and cordless phones), range was poor and problems were prolific. Raising the subject of wireless temperature monitoring was frequently met with skepticism and the uptake of wireless systems was poor.

Here was the opportunity.

If ECEFast could find the perfect system that addressed the reliability and signal range issues, we could change perceptions. After many years of understanding the technical difficulties of 2.4GHz wireless systems, we found a perfect partner in Hanwell Limited (United Kingdom). With world leading radio transmission range and scalable enterprise software systems, we embarked on a long journey of establishing reliability and full functionality to wireless monitoring systems.

We have been tirelessly developing 430MHz based radio monitoring systems now for more than 12 years and have completed many small and large systems including possibly the largest single wireless temperature monitoring system in Australia for medical research monitoring in a leading Australian university.


Experience is one of our key sustainable differentiators.


This is why so many customers choose ECEFast for temperature monitoring systems.