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Top 10 Reasons to Choose ECEFast for Calibration
Q & A | Technical
If you want your equipment to comply with ISO or other legislated standards, or to have more confidence in the true accuracy of your equipment, we are here for you. Read below for our top 10 reasons to choose ECEFast for calibration.


1. Quality, Traceability, and Accreditation

Calibrations at ECEFast are accredited by NATA to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. A NATA calibration gives measurements unbroken traceability to the Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI).


2. Experience

With 85 years accumulative experience in the field, we are specialists in providing calibration and instrumentation for temperature and humidity. From humble beginnings in 1932 we now over 80 years experience. We have transformed into a major provider of control and measurement technology throughout Australasia.


3. A Single Reliable Destination for Your Measurement Requirements

We can provide assistance in a variety of areas. These include: help to setting up your measurement and control,  technical advice and equipment calibration.  We offer support to purchase new equipment, with or without calibration.


4. Save on time and cost

We offer complete solutions, all under one roof which mitigates mitigate the need to outsource related services to other organisations. By choosing ECEFast, you will save time and cost in selecting the services and products that you need.


5. Extensive Range of Accreditation

ECEFast provides accredited calibrations for a wide range of temperature and humidity for different types of tests and equipment. This wide coverage will save you time in selecting different suppliers to calibrate all your equipment – Just send them all to us. Click here to view our full scope of calibration services.


6. Australian-wide On-site Calibration Services

If your equipment cannot be sent offsite for calibration and you need the calibration carried out on-site, in a specific timeframe that suits your operation; we will come to you. Our on-site calibration teams, based in different locations, cover all sites across Australia with a flexible schedule.


7. In House Calibration

ECEFast is the only temperature sensor manufacturer with in-house NATA accredited laboratory and calibration testing facility. As well as providing calibration services for a large range of existing equipment, we have exclusive capacity to manufacture temperature sensors from bulk certified thermocouple wires, or provide certificates on any temperature products we manufacture.


8. Flexible Service Options

You can choose standard (5-10 business days) or fast turnaround (4 days or less) services, in-house or on-site services, and pick-up or delivery. Our flexible capability means that you can optimise the efficiency of your operation.


9. Servicing All Industries

We have the scope to provide calibration for a range of industries including:

  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food Safety and Manufacuring
  • Transport
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Water and Waste Management
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastic, Glasses


10. Our Team

Our team are all highly qualified and focused on delivering exceptional customer service. We consistently take part in training and education to make sure we are always up to date with the latest standards and technology.


For more information about NATA, click here.


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