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Solution - level measurement with analog output & display in litres

There are many technologies for liquid level measurement and ECEFast has most of them available - see our NEWSLETTER.

The first choice based on economy is pressure. We can offer GM-3300BE-1 transmitter with 1/4 BSP thread and M12 connector which is IP67. If there is access to the bottom of the tank or pipework below the tank, the static pressure can be used to measure level. The minimum span is 1 bar, which is close to 12metres of diesel  so for tanks from 1 -12 metres you can use this. Accuracy achieved on very low levels eg 1m would be better than 2% as the temperature will be relatively stable. 

The transmitter can be powered by a Gefran digital indicator GF-40B-3A-I which has  5 digits  with the trailing digit fixed 0 - so you can indicate to 99990 litres in counts of 10.  There is 20mA retransmit and 3 alarm relays for low, high and empty.  Also there is a 32 segment linearisation for relating the contents in litres to the transmitter output giving us the capability to display contents for any shape vessel with reasonable accuracy.

If top access to the tank (only) is available then ultrasonic, or submersible pressure, or float based systems can be used.