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ECEFast is Australia’s leading provider of custom temperature sensors. Our temperature-sensing equipment is designed and calibrated in line with NATA standards to suit any measurement application across a range of industries while ensuring compliance. We also offer a range of sensing equipment for non-temperature applications, including pressure and air velocity.

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We stock a wide range of options, including:

Temperature sensors – to capture the temperature of anything from the inside of a concrete block to a food manufacturing or storage facility, to a laboratory fridge, a kiln, or a delivery truck.

Infrared temperature sensors – for temperature measurement with no physical contact.

Non-temperature sensors – to capture data including level, flow, speed (RPM), weight, sound level, vibration, Co2, O2, PH, current, voltage, frequency.

Sensor accessories – cable and connectors, thermowells and protection tubes.

Customised sensors – in-house design, development and manufacture of custom sensors to meet your specialist requirements. We can customise an existing sensor, or design and manufacture a new one from scratch.

Embedded sensors – for use inside material such as concrete, in the ground (for example near a volcano), or inside a waste container.

Thermocouples – specialist cabling to connect controllers and sensors for efficient and accurate operation.

Probes – for food preparation and food safety.

RTDs – Resistance Temperature Detectors

Locally Made Products

We design and build our sensors in our own facility in Australia. We use lean manufacturing practices to produce high-quality products with short lead times and competitive pricing.

Frequently requested products are pre-manufactured and available for immediate delivery. Custom sensors are manufactured to spec and shipped within a few days.

• Speed to market
• Highest quality
• Custom applications
• Ability to meet demanding project timelines
• Highly competitive pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ECEFast customize sensors to specific requirements?

Yes, ECEFast goes beyond standard offerings by providing comprehensive in-house design, development, and manufacturing of custom sensors tailored to unique specifications. Leveraging our expertise, we can adeptly modify existing sensors or engineer entirely new ones, ensuring precise solutions that align with your specific requirements.

How does ECEFast ensure the quality and reliability of its sensors?

ECEFast guarantees superior quality and reliability by designing and manufacturing sensors in our advanced Australian facility. Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing practices results in high-quality products with swift production cycles, and each sensor undergoes rigorous testing to ensure unparalleled reliability in diverse applications. This dedication to excellence positions ECEFast as a trusted provider of precision sensors, backed by the assurance of rigorous quality control measures implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process.

What sensor varieties are available within the ECEfast Sensor range?

ECEFast offers a wide range of sensors, including all types of thermocouples, RTDs (Resistive Temperature Devices), and bespoke designs. Our friendly sales team is ready to discuss your requirements and recommend the optimal solution for your specific needs.

Our specialist engineers will help you define your exact requirements and get you exactly the right sensor for the job.


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