Air Flow Transmitters & Probes

EE660 – Air Velocity Sensor

The EE660 air velocity sensor operates on the hot film anemometer principle and is optimized for precise measurement of very low air velocity in laminar flow monitoring and clean room applications.

EE576 – Compact Air Velocity Transmitter

The EE576 is a compact air velocity transmitter designed for measurement of lowest velocity.

Equipped with a newly developed sensor head and utilizing the proven E+E hot-film element, already tested a million times in the automotive industry, these transmitters are less sensitive to dust and dirt than conventional hot-wire elements.

EE75 – Air Velocity Transmitter

The EE75 air velocity transmitters are optimized for high accuracy up to 40 m/s (8000 ft/min) over the temperature range -40…120 °C (-40…248 °F)

EE671 – HVAC Miniature Air Flow Probe

EE671 is a compact air velocity probe for HVAC applications. The built-in flow sensing element VTQ combines the advantages of state-of-the-art E+E thin-film manufacturing and of the newest transfer molding technology.

EE650 – Air Flow Sensor for HVAC

EE650 employs the new VTQ air flow sensor element, which operates on the thermal anemometer principle and is manufactured by E+E in state-of-the-art thin-film technology.