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Case Studies

CASE 1:  Weather Station with Modbus TCP - read data with DCS

A client needed a weather station according to local environmental regulations for odour control. They wanted a low maintenance reliable weather station and needed the data to be available to their DCS for alarms on wind speed and direction. We proposed a Lufft WS500 solid state weather station with Temperature, RH, Barometric Pressure, and wind speed and direction. Using ultrasonic measurement the device has no moving parts and has standard Modbus RS485 communications. By using a Procon protocol converter, the DCS can read the weather parameters in Modbus TCP seamlessly.

CASE 2:  Measure to 1200C under extreme abrasion

The client was a cement manufacturer who was experiencing short thermocouple life in the kiln preheat area due to abrasive wear - even when heavy wall alloy sheaths were used. ECEFast Sensors Division solved the problem by using an exotic ceramic - Sialon - as the protection tube. This material is extremely hard and tough, but has a thermal shock resistance of 900C, and it is unlikely to shatter when installed initially. Life was extended from a few weeks to up to two years.

CASE 3: Measure the temperature of flowing molten steel at 1525C
The clients goal was to save money through reduced consumption of disposible dip thermocouples - the standard method of determining molten stell temperatures.  Measuring from above into the tundish with infra red will not work to the level of accuracy required and so we measure the stream of metal leaving the tundish as it flowed into the mould. We used the Raytek Endurance two colour [ratio] thermometer with video output and a wireless link to the control room. Tests proved that the accuracy achieved was within expectation, when random "noisy" readings were filtered out.