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Complete Temperature Management Solutions

Monitor, Measure, Customise & Calibrate. We Do All Things Sensors and Services.

Complete Temperature Management Solutions

Monitor, Measure, Customise & Calibrate. We Do All Things Sensors and Services.
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State of the Art Solutions for Temperature-Critical Applications

We provide complete temperature solutions that help you streamline your processes, maintain product quality and ensure compliance with industry standards. ECEFast provides all the key components you need to efficiently manage your temperature-critical applications.

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Sensors are essential for temperature management applications – from the simplest to the most technically complex, and for measurement of non-temperature data. ECEFast provides sensors for a wide range of measurement applications.

Thermal Validation

Thermal Validation is a must in applications where temperature is critical – for items stored in a fridge or freezer, or products that are subject to a cooking or heat treatment process.

NATA Calibration

Our NATA-accredited calibration laboratory specialises in temperature and humidity calibration. Equipped with state-of-the-art calibration devices and reference standards, we can calibrate sensors from -196°C to 1300°C, and instruments across all ranges and enclosures from -196°C to 1300°C in a tightly controlled laboratory environment. We also provide onsite callibration services at your premises by NATA accredited technicians.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide wireless and hardwired automated monitoring systems for applications where temperature is critical, including alarm notifications to alert staff when the temperature of the storage unit (or process) deviates from a desired temperature range. Our range includes solutions for product protection, early detection of failures, regualtory compliance, quality control and process efficiency.

Custom End-to-End Temperature Solutions

Single partner for all your temperature requirements – saving you time.

Automated monitoring and proactive alerts to streamline your processes.

Consistent product quality and safety, enhancing your brand.

Valuable assets protected, efficient operation of plant and machinery.

Reduced spoilage and waste eliminating unnecessary costs.

Proven regulatory compliance and industry accreditation.

World-Class Expertise, Delivered Locally

We are privately held, 100% Australian and love serving Australian businesses – we contribute to the local economy and to the success of some of the biggest and best companies in the country, and indeed, globally.

We are, first and foremost, engineers and technicians; we love providing precision instrumentation to solve real-world industry problems. We have a depth of experience and knowledge that we want to share. We believe that we have the best products and services in the country and our mission is to bring them to you to enhance your processes and your business.

NATA World Recognised Accreditation

Ensuring accurate measurements is essential for your applications, and it all starts with properly calibrating your measuring equipment. However, for temperature and humidity-dependent processes, a basic laboratory calibration may not suffice. In such cases, you need to obtain an ISO 17025 calibration certificate from an accredited laboratory like ECEFast, recognized by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

This certificate is crucial in demonstrating that your measuring devices have unbroken traceability to the National Measurement Institute (NMI) and/or the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring their accuracy and reliability.

Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

ECEFast makes temperature simple. We work with organisations who use temperature-critical processes, and our overriding goal is to help your business to be more efficient, maintain product quality and comply with industry regulations. We are, first and foremost, engineers and technicians – we love providing precision instrumentation to solve real-world industry problems.

Mary Smith

Managing Director

Gregor Baird

Techonology Director

Justin Marven

General Manager, Industrial Measurement and Control

Brendan Dineen

General Manager Monitoring and Validation

Phong Nguyen

Manager, NATA Laboratory

Wayne Falzon

Production Manager Sensors

Karen James

Administration Manager

Matt Tabbaa

Purchasing & Supply Manager

What does ECEFast do?

Our offerings include a diverse range of products including industrial measurement monitoring solutions complimented by our Nata accredited Laboratory. And services, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure calibration, as well as automated environmental monitoring systems. We excel in designing, manufacturing, and customizing sensors to meet unique specifications, ensuring high-quality, reliable solutions for various industries. With a commitment to Lean Manufacturing practices, ECEFast delivers precision instruments, contributing to enhanced process efficiency, product protection, and regulatory compliance. Whether it’s calibration services, sensors, or monitoring systems, ECEFast serves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced solutions in the realm of industrial measurement and control.

What makes ECEFast a specialist in temperature management?

At ECEFast, our exceptional expertise in temperature management is driven by our dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals. Our people, combined with their extensive experience, are the backbone of our commitment to delivering comprehensive temperature solutions, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and fostering strong customer relationships.

How does ECEFast's temperature solution benefit my business?

ECEFast provides a single partner for all temperature requirements, automated monitoring for process efficiency, consistent product quality, asset protection, waste reduction, and proven regulatory compliance with NATA accreditation in temperature, pressure and humidity.

What type of Calibration does ECEFast offer?

ECEFast is your go-to source for calibration services tailored to diverse industrial needs. For the latest and comprehensive details on our calibration scope, please visit our website []. Our accredited services ensure accurate and reliable measurements, making ECEFast your trusted partner for precise calibration.

How do I open a customer account with ECEFast?

To open a customer account with ECEFast, you have two options. Firstly, if you are making a direct purchase, you can place an order with our sales team over the phone, where we accept credit card payments. Alternatively, for businesses interested in establishing a trade credit account, contact our team at 1800 811 818 and speak with Karen or Kate in Accounts. They will guide you through the credit application process, which includes filling out an online application form. The submitted application will be promptly assessed by our team, and you will be notified of its status, ensuring a seamless and efficient account setup process.

Can I purchase products online?

We have recently launched a new website, and online ordering is expected to return in 2024. We will keep you posted on any updates as things change.

Can I pick up from your warehouse?

No, unfortunately, ECEFast does not operate as a retail facility and is not set up for customer pickups. All orders are dispatched via courier or freight services. Should you require an urgent pickup, kindly coordinate with our sales team; please note that a handling fee may be applicable.

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