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Web Based Monitoring System - RampX

ECEFast RampX is a second generation data aquisition and alarming system, with software written in-house at ECEFast. It has powerful standard functions, for configuration of screens, inputs, alarm types and actions, data aquisition, data display, and other inputs and outputs. Main access screens are floorplan and object based, but can be customised. Program structure is modular and allows functions to be added, or the whole program customised for OEM or special applications. Custom reports, operator inputs and other special features can be readily accommodated, and remote and distributed I/O can be accessed from any location with access to the internet. Machine control, remote device control, batching, and process variable control can be done for any "slow" process. ECEFast has developed a serial data converter to translate the generic outputs of many laboratory devices such as ovens and incubators into the required network format. ECEFast can HOST the data server, and connect users with user name and password

  • Unlimited I/O using ECEFast modules and instruments
  • Web based reporting and View System - acess via your web browser /SMART PHONE
  • Operating Environments - Java JRE 6.0(win32/64 Linux, Solaris, MacOS-X)
  • Configuration through set up files
  • Customised versions for OEM or extended systems
  • GPRS Modem, Modbus, ethernet connections standard
  • Alarms, alarm logs, SMS, email alarm notification
  • Wireless sensors with Ethernet or PC connected receivers
  • Connects to Controllers, Paperless Recorders, Weather Stations  and to any serial data via ECE "Babel Box"
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BC-IO-8AIIS 8 analog inputs to 20mA fully isolated - RS485 Stock Available $436.00

Additional Information

RXDC simple logging & alarm systems - overview 42 KB Download PDF
RampX Newsletter - how it works and what it can do for you 1154 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

RampX 5 Users Manual 2059KB Download PDF