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Wind speed & direction VENTUS ultrasonic from Lufft

Precise measurement of wind speed and direction in the most harsh conditions with measurement to 90m/sec. VENTUS with metal body and V200A belong to the family of anempmeters and the WS solid state weather stations from Lufft in Germany.  Suiting applications in wind turbines as well as marine, meteorology and industrial automation, these instruments have no moving parts and  practically zero maninetance. They are available with both digital and analog outputs, notably MODBUS RTU and these can interface with ECEFast 3G remote data monitoring systems.

  • Direction through span 359.9 degrees  accuracy <2 deg RMSE>2m/s
  • Wind speed 0-90m/s accuract 0.2m/sec or +/-2% to 65m/s
  • Virtual temperature -50-70C by ultrasonic
  • Air pressure 300-1200 hPa  accuracy +/-1.5hPa
  • -20 to 60C without heating  24VDC power supply
  • UMB, MODBUS RTU, SDI-12 , analog and frequency output options
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LF-VENTUS Precise wind speed & direction for wind turbines and other harsh applications Stock Unavailable $3,300.00

Additional Information

Ultrasonic anemometer Ventus - metal enclosure - strong heating 710 KB Download PDF
Ultrasonic anemometer V200A - plastic enclosure 671 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions - technical manual 4467KB Download PDF