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Vibration Meter with Laser Tachometer - Lutron VT8204

Low cost instrument for machine condition monitoring - vibration and speed.

  • Measures Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement.
  • Independent laser optical and contact tachometer
  • Acceleration to 200 m/sec sq Velocity 200mm/sec Displacement p-p 2mm
  • Optical Tach 5-100000rpm contact 5-20000rpm
  • Data Logging 1000 points with RS232 interface and PC Software
  • Accuracy +/-5% on vibration readings +/-0.05% on rpm

The Lutron VT-8204 is a flexible instrument for measurement of vibration parameters and RPM for condition monitoring of rotating machinery and bearings. Vibration and temperature are two slowly evolving long term measurements used  to determine the preventive maintainence program for many industrial machines such as fans, pumps and drives.

Combining the functions of RPM as well as vibration the VT-8204 is a versatile and economical solution for maintenance applications.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-VT8204 Vibration meter with Optical and Contact Tachometer Stock Available $700.00

Additional Information

Hand Held Digital Vibration Meter and Tachometer L 102 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating instruction vibration meter VT8204 175KB Download PDF
Extra notes on use of Lutron VT8204 98KB Download PDF