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Universal Signal Calculator - PR-5115A

Two independent universal channels with maths functions, redundancy sensors and 5 way isolation. The PR5115 is a special universal application module for special applications. It is programmed using the PC USB interface 5909. The two universal inputs can be independent, one a redundant backup for the other, or combined using a variety of maths functions. When using thermocouple inputs the CJC connectors must be ordered separately. Functions can be rapidly implemented using a PC for programming and function monitored with LEDs on the instrument face. 42 modules can be mounted per metre of rail.

  • Redundancy Measurement with 2 input signals
  • Signal Calculation with 4 arithmetic operators
  • Duplication of the input signal on dual isolated outputs
  • Input of RTD, Ohm, TC, mV, mA, and V with selectable output type on each channel
  • Universal AC/DC supply
  • 5 port 3.75 KV isolation
  • Dual transmitter power supplies
  • Programmable Filter

For square root and other calculations look at PR-2289 on the PR WEBSITE

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PR-5115A Two channel universal transmitter with redundancy, maths and logic functions and special features Stock Unavailable $899.00

Additional Information

PR-5115A Data Sheet 458 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

PR-5115 Manual 1496KB Download PDF