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TTFM Transit time flow meter processor TUF-2000F2, IP68 surface & pipe mount

TUF-2000F2 is the new design electronics package for the TUF-2000 series industrial ultrasonic sensors. This has the same set up menus but has been made to suit the worst environment. Even when the cable glands are not sealed correctly, the electronics are protected. With set up by push buttons and a multiline diisplay it is easy to get started.

  • Matches all types of TTFM ultrasonic sensors - clamp on, insertion and in line
  • Measures pipes from 25 to 6000mm diameter
  • Standard sensors to 90C and high temperature to 160C
  • Flows from 0.1 to 7 m/sec [ up to 15m/sec on request]   Totalisers included
  • Output - analog, pulse and RS485 with  accuracy +/-1% 
  • Pt100 inouts direct for heat flow calculations
  • Size 132x150x85mm

TTFM is the lowest cost solution for flow measurement when clamp-on sensors are used because there is no cutting and welding of pipes and pressure and chemical resistance is not relevant. See the catalog for the different sensor design options - and check the website for other standard flow transmitter packages in this family.

Product VIDEO TUF-2000F2

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
DT-TUF-TC-1 Insertion TTFM flow sensor standard length - pair - 160C Stock Available $300.00
DT-TUF-CBL/METRE Connecting cable for TTFM industrial sensors - continuous length for screw terminals.../m Stock Available $5.00
DT-TUF-DN25-100 Industrial sensor set with screw terminals DN25 ~ DN100 rated 90C (pair) Stock Unavailable $120.00
DT-TUF-DN50-700 Industrial sensor set with screw terminals DN50 ~ DN700 rated 90C (pair) Stock Unavailable $120.00
DT-TUF-2000F2 TTFM bracket mounted IP68 transmitter full featured with display & RS485 Stock Available $600.00

Additional Information

Data sheet for TUF-2000F2 showing applications to all sensor types 3508 KB Download PDF
Quick start manual for first time users 2393 KB Download PDF
Reference materials for TTFM flow - velocity in metals and fluids and in water vs temperature 1085 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating instructions for TUF-2000 series flow meters 1732KB Download PDF