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Food Thermometer (Type T & PST Sensors) - Comark C22

Comark C22 food thermometer - Comark manufactures an extensive range of food thermometers & probes & has more than 20 years experience in complying with food safety requirements. The C22 is the latest addition to their range of accurate & reliable general purpose food thermometers. Battery life of up to 5+ years is expected and the display has a count down timer and clock. It accepts thermistor (PST) sensor probes for temperatures to 150C and Type T thermocouples for temperatures to 400C. The probes are automatically recognised. The C22 is the only thermometer where the case is treated with BioCote Protection which is guaranteed to reduct the risk of cross contamination over the instrument life.

  • Accuracy (at 23°C between 0°C to 70°C) <±0.3°C - Type T
  • Accuracy (at 23°C between 0°C to 70°C) <±0.5°C - thermistor
  • Range -200 to 400°C measure - type T thermocouple
  • Range -50 to 150°C measure - thermistor
  • Operating range -20 to 50°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Battery life up to 7000 hours - thermocouple --Battery life up to 14,000 - thermistor
  • Calibration check test caps (accessory - see picture)
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
KM-TX24L Test cap for thermometer 3C Lumberg Stock Available $85.00
KM-C22 Hand held food thermometer type T/PST with separate probes Stock Available $350.00
KM-PX16L Fast response penetration probe for KM-C21 and C22 thermometers Stock Available $133.00
KM-PX22L Penetration probe PST- white end cap with teflon lead and Lumberg plug Stock Available $118.00
KM-TX21L Test Cap for Foodcheck thermometers -18C Stock Available $85.00
KM-PX23L Probe penetration 100mm x3mm handle red - teflon lead with Lumberg plug Stock Available $133.00
KM-TX25L Test Cap 63C to suit KM-CF21 Stock Available $85.00
FL-CAL-FOOD NATA calibration certificate for Food thermometer/probe at -18C, 3C and 70C [only] Stock Unavailable $75.00

Additional Information

Comark C22 thermometer data sheet 1227 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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