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Thermocouple & RTD Sensors (SS Probe & Transition) - TS-18

These Type TS-18 probes are custom made and can have sensor type, lead length and materials and SS tip length & diameter to suit. Download the attached drawing, mark up as required and fax in for a quote

  • Thermocouple (J, K, T, N) mineral insulated cable construction, ungrounded junction, 310 SS sheath with 2 metre PVC lead.
  • Temperature rating depends on sensor length and diameter - up to limit for sensor type
  • Pt100 sensors with Teflon extension leads - rated to 250C - higher on request
  • Customised probes of any design on short delivery
  • Common probe diameters 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6mm
  • Marlin mini or full size connectors can be fitted as required - thermocouples and RTD

Specify sensor type, probe length and diameter, lead type and length, termonation or connector type.  TS-18 can be supplied as thermocouples in K, N, T or J and RTD Pt100 3 or 4 wire. Leads can be screened, and supplied in different materials. These probes are commonly used for site testing, mushroom beds, laboratory testing.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
TS-18K0600200 T/C K SS tip 6 mm dia x 200mm with 2M PVC lead Stock Available $37.50
TS-18P0600100 Pt100 in 100x6mm SS tip with 2M teflon leads 3Wire Stock Unavailable $42.80
TS-18K0300100 Type K thermocouple 100x3mm SS tip and 2M PVC lead Stock Unavailable $37.50
TS-18P0600200 Pt100 3 wire SS tip 6 mm dia x 200mm with 2M teflon lead Stock Unavailable $42.80
TS-18P0600150 6mm diameter x 150mm SS tip with 2M teflon lead 3 wire Stock Unavailable $42.80
TS-18K0600100 Type K thermocouple 100x6mm SS tip and 2M PVC lead Stock Unavailable $37.50
TS-18K0300150 T/C K SS tip 3mm dia x 150 with 2M PVC lead Stock Available $37.50
TS-18P0300100 Pt100 in 100x3mm SS tip with 2M teflon leads 3Wire Stock Available $42.80

Additional Information

TS-18 Thermocouple standard drawing 432 KB Download PDF
TS-18P RTD/Pt100 standard drawing 468 KB Download PDF
Sensors Catalogue 3045 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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