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Thermocouple K & Pt100 6mm SS 1/2 BSP, small alloy head TS-11

ECEFast offers standard industrial probes with small alloy head with 1/2BSP SS process connection and 6mm SS probes, in type K thermocouple and PT100, RTD from stock for next day delivery in most centres. This style of sensor is limited to low temperature processes because the process connection in adjacent to the head. Thermocouples should be connected to their matching instrument ONLY with KX thermocouple extension wire. RTDs can be connected with 3 core copper wire. For lengths aboove 5M or for noisy environments - use shielded cables. These parts can be ordered at accessories

  • Thermocouple (J, K, T, N) mineral insulated cable construction, ungrounded junction, 6mm 310 SS sheath.
  • Thermocouples rated to maximum for type - limited by length of probe -keep head below 80C
  • Thermocouple - 1/2 BSP process connection at head - note - this limits max process temperature
  • Thermocouple - use type KX extension wire to connect to instrument
  • Pt100, 3 wire, 6mm diameter 316 SS sheath, Max 260°C, Accuracy Class A.
  • Pt100 small alloy head with 3 terminal bakelite block- make sure head temperature below 80C

To order intermediate length up to 600mm select closest stock length plus TS-NONSTD-LENGTH and advise us the required length - delivery will be 1 week

To order extension wires,  go to accessories

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
TS-11P0600100 RTD 3 wire small alloy head 1/2BSP SS thread 6mm dia x 100mm long Stock Unavailable $69.50
TS-11P0300100 <p>Pt100 small head, ½" BSPT fitting 3w RTD 3mm dia., 100mm below fitting</p> Stock Available $69.50
TS-11K0600100 Type K thermocouple, small alloy head, ½" BSPT, fitting , 6mm dia., 100mm long Stock Available $69.50
TS-NONSTD-LENGTH Length to specification - add to longer stock size and nominate your length Stock Unavailable $5.00
TS-11P0600150 Pt100 small alloy head, ½" BSPT fitting 3w RTD, 6mm dia., 150mm below fitting Stock Available $69.50
TS-11K0600150 Type K thermocouple, small alloy head, ½" BSPT, fitting , 6mm dia., 150mm long Stock Available $69.50
TS-11P0600200 Pt100 small alloy head, ½" BSPT fitting 3w RTD, 6mm dia., 200mm below fitting Stock Unavailable $69.50
TS-11K0600200 Type K thermocouple small alloy head, ½" BSPT, fitting , 6mm dia., 200mm long Stock Unavailable $69.50

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Standard Drawing of TS11 RTD series 396 KB Download PDF
Complete Sensor Catalogue 3045 KB Download PDF
Standard Drawing of TS11 T/C series 454 KB Download PDF

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