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Teflon Insulated thermocouple wires & cables TX/TX

For Teflon thermocouple cables there are several grades of teflon available, and we stock FEP which is rated to 200C ambient continuous. This material is highly resistant to oils and chemicals and is abrasion resistant. Construction is generally extruded teflon over the conductors with teflon overall. Conductors are 20G Solid 0.8mm or stranded 7/0.3mm and 24G solid 0.5mm or stranded 7/0.2mm. Many cable constructions are available in material PFA which is rated to 260C continuous and we can supply these cables on request.

Type TX/TW is twisted pair of singles 0.2mm conductors - in this case very compact overall diameter

Other constructions such as multipair and screened cables are available from our supplier.

  • -70 to 205°C for FEP material
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
  • Not affected by corrosives, lubricants or weather.
  • Type K, KK, KX, N, SX, T, TT.
  • Screened and multipair versions available but MOQ may be required

Please note: Prices quoted below are per meter. We require a minimum order quantity of 20 meters. Please enter the amount of meters you require in the quantities field or contact ECEFast for assistance.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
TW-KX30-TX/TX Half tolerance type K solid 1/0.25 extruded FEP/FEP Stock Unavailable $2.17
TW-K32-TXTW Teflon twisted pair K wires 0.2mm FEP insulated Stock Available $1.10
TW-TT30-TX/TX Half tolerance type T solid 1/0.25 extruded FEP/FEP Stock Available $3.30
TW-T32-TXTW Teflon twisted pair T wires 0.2mm FEP insulated Stock Available $1.10
TW-TT24F-TX/TX Half tolerance type T stranded 7/0.2 FEP/FEP Stock Available $5.50
TW-KK24F-TX/TX Half tolerance type K stranded 7/0.2 extruded FEP/FEP Stock Available $6.60

Additional Information

Data sheet for standard FEP duplex cables 42 KB Download PDF
Data sheet for FEP twisted pair 44 KB Download PDF
Data sheet multipair FEP with overall screen 140 KB Download PDF
Data sheet for multipair individual and overall screen 49 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

There are no manuals currently available for this product..