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Water Analysis

pH & Redox

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pH & Redox Meter hand held - LU-PH208

Low cost pH & redox meter with BNC connector & ATC. Lutron PH208
Lutron pH 208 meter for BNC probes

Pocket pH Tester - LU-222 Series

Pocket style pH meter with replaceable electrodes.

Spear point portable pH Meter - LU-PH-CPX-105

pH meter, pocket style, with integral spear point electrode for semi solids

Panel Mount pH Controller (48x96) - Lutron PPH-2108

Digital meter, 48x96 size with relay output.
Lutron PPH2108 panel meter

Multi-Function Water Quality Meter - LU-WA2017SD

Full featured water quality meter pH,Conductivity, SALT, DO with SD card logging
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