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Temperature Sensors stock & Custom

High Temperature & Specialty

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Ceramic Material & Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Thermocouple protection tubes and other high density refractory products
ceramic protection_500_img

Thermocouples for Crucibles & Baths - TS-6XX Series

Heavy duty thermocouples for molten metal applications

Industrial Spring Loaded Sensor - TS-63

Nipple-union-nipple for non rotational assembly.

Extreme Temperature Thermocouple - Excalibur

Maximises life in high temperature combustion gases up to 1100°C
Excalibur with flange

Temperature sensors for waste sterilising autoclaves - TS-0...

Temperature sensors for waste sterilising autoclaves - TS-02013 - custom versions in KK or TT can be made
Autoclave steriliser thermocouple TS-02013-ASSY
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