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Temperature sensors for waste sterilising autoclaves - TS-02013

Autoclave temperature sensor developedin collaboration with an intense user in industry, to extend life and provide a more reliable and economical temperature solution. The probe is subject to steam at high temperature and pressure during the sterilisation cycle and rough handling as it has to be driven into the core of the load -with the measuring point at the centre of the load mass. 

This design has lasted more than 4 times the previous type which used small diameter MI probes inside the SS armour.

Since autoclaves are different sizes and have different fittings - ECEFast can customise the size of the probe and the lead lengths as well as the process fitting in the autoclave shell. The sensor can be type K or type T in 1/2 tolerance according to the control system. We recommend against using RTD (Pt100) as the sensors are more difficult to seal and finally more sensitive to moisture ingress.

  • Long life under rough handling and intense work load
  • Custom sizes and fittings can be supplied
  • Type KK or TT thermocouples recommended
  • NATA certificate on probe as optional extra

ECEFast FastLab is a NATA accredited laboratory for temperature. The laboratory can certify autoclaves to ISO17025 on site by arrangement - see the separate section from the home page of this website

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TS-02013 Thermocouple for autoclave waste sterilisers - heavy duty Stock Unavailable $650.00

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Application sheet for waste steriliser temperature probes 410 KB Download PDF

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