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Panel Mount Tachometer - 1/8 DIN - Lutron PDT2250

Shaft RPM and line speed alarm and display at low prices.

  • 5-100000 RPM single chip processor  LED 4 digit
  • Control and Alarm setpoints and alarm relays
  • 90-264VAC supply *RS232C interface
  • DIN 48x96x107mm- 1/8 DIN
  • Suits proximity switch and optical switch inputs

The panel mount Tachometer PDT-2250 replaces the earlier 2240C model. The new meter is exceptional value still, but is now microprocessor based and with added functionality. It offers two relays, for example, for high and low limits, and an RS232C output which may be used with Lutron DAQ PC software. The meter will work with proximity switches such as LU-PX01 and optical switch LU-PI06 making it more versatile to fit into an existing device. The pulses per revolution are programmable for higher accuracy at low speeds.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-PX01 Proximity Sensor for PDT - 2250 - see data sheet Stock Available $37.00
LU-PDT2250 Panel Mount Tachometer with two relays and RS232C Stock Available $241.00
LU-PI06 Optical Sensor for tachometer PDT 2250 Stock Unavailable $130.00

Additional Information

Data sheet Magnetic Proximity switch LU-PX01 85 KB Download PDF
Data Sheet Optical Prox Switch LU-PI06 51 KB Download PDF
Data Sheet for Lutron Panel Tachometer PDT-2250 308 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

There are no manuals currently available for this product..