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Single & Multi Level Float Switches

Custom made float level switches from ECEFast. Single unit or multiple reed switches are housed tightly in a 316 stainless steel stem. A permanent magnet which will activate the reed switch is within the 316 stainless steel float. The float or floats are mounted on the stem & located by the use of 316 stainless steel collars. The rise & fall of liquid moves the float up & down. When the float’s internal magnet approaches the reed switch, it will actuate the reed switch, to create a change of state in the circuit.- i.e. either opening or closing the switch.

  • Termination Aluminium, bakelite or 316 SS head - max 6 screw terminals [use junction box for more terminals]
  • Flying leads  -- Junction box - screw terminals
  • Process Connections - SS or Brass
  • Bulkhead fitting or threaded connection [1 inch and 2 inch BSP]
  • Flange connection (including sanitary flanges).

Floats are in 316 SS - max 150°C - max. 30 bar  with S1 type 25 mm OD SG < 0.8 and S4 type 50 mm OD SG < 0.55.

A maximum 5 floatscan be fitted in one stem assembly.

Electrically we recommend to configure for low voltage operation with Max 30W and breakdown voltage > 430V.  Nominate N.O. or N.C and switch points on the order form - check specification download.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LS-S4-S2 Custom made float level switch ECEFast Stock Unavailable $1.00
EC-SPILLMASTER High level audible alarm - battery powered for overfill spill protection Stock Unavailable $375.00

Additional Information

Custom multi level float switches general specific technical data 997 KB Download PDF
LS-S1 Flange mount level switch build sheets 1303 KB Download PDF
LS-S1 Nipple fitting level switch build sheets, followed by Bulkhead design solutions 2744 KB Download PDF
LS-S4 Flange mount level switch build sheets 2366 KB Download PDF
LS-S4 Nipple mount level switch build sheets 2099 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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