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RTD extension wire teflon & PVC insulated, screened 3 and 4 core copper

These compact cables are used to extend the connections on 3 and 4 wire RTD sensors for normal industrial environments. Where chemical resistance is essential use the Teflon insulated types. In normal applications, RTDs can be extended with standard copper,  shielded instrument cable.  This cable is used by us as our standard sensor extension wire for the RTDs that we manufacture. We can also supply multi TRIAD Dekoron style cables in PVC and Teflon insulation for extension of multiple RTDs in trunk cable format subject to minimum quantity orders from our US supplier.

  • Stranded fine conductors for high flexibility 
  • Teflon or PVC  insulation with shield.
  •  3 or 4 core available.

PRICES ARE PER METER FOR 50 or 100M ROLLS - Inquire for other types

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PL-CAB-4CORE PVC 4 core screened cable suitable for 3 wire or 4 wire RTD connection - COST/METRE in rolls 50 or 100M Stock Unavailable $2.20
TW-CU24F-TXSTX3S <p>RTD extension cable teflon screened 3 core PRICE is per METRE in 50M or 100M rolls </p> Stock Available $5.50
TW-CU24F-TXSTX4S <p>RTD extension cable Dupont teflon screened 4 core PRICE is <strong>PER METRE</strong> in 50M and 100M rolls</p> Stock Available $6.50

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Additional Information

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