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Pressure Transmitters

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Flush diaphragm extra heavy duty pressure transmitter GF-TPF...

Flush small diameter diaphragm pressure transmitter - extra heavy duty GF-TPFAS
Gefran TPFAS with M12 connector

IECEx Pressure Transmitter 2W compact 0-7~0-1600bar Gems 31I...

IECEx Pressure Transmitter 2W compact 0-7~0-1600bar - Gems 31IS
Gems 31IS & 32IS transmitter styles

Flush diaphragm sanitary transmitters - LEEG SMP858TLD serie...

Pressure transmitter flush diaphragm with sanitary tri-clover flanges and DIN plug.
LEEG SMP838 flush diaphragm transmitter with triclover

Submersible level transmitters, hydrostatic - Gems 9600

Hydrostatic level measurement ranges 4m to 100m -0.05% with long term accuracy and lightning protection to 200M cable
GEMS 9600 submersible transmitter - hastelloy diaph.

Submersible pressure transmitter - Gems 5000 series

Low range pressure/level TX with ATEX & marine approval. Gems 5000 series

Transmitter for high pressures to 5000bar - Gefran TPHADA

Ultra high pressure transmitter with analog output and digital auto zero and span setting
Gefran TPH high pressure sesnor

Plug-in display with alarm for transmitters LEEG LCD11

Plug-in 5D LCD display with alarm - 2 wire transmitters with DIN43650 connector - LEEG-LCD11
LEEG LCD11 loop powered display  - large

Gauge & Absolute Transmitters - LEEG Instruments DMP305X...

Field mount transmitters in ranges from 10 Kpa to 350 bar with display and HART - many configurations
LEEG SMP2088 - gauge or absolute pressure transmitter

Temperature Isolator & Snubber - Gems

Accessories for pressure measurement reduces process temperature at the pressure sensor diaphragm, or pressure spikes.

Pressure Transmitters compact low range - Gems 3500 series

Compact 2 wire SS pressure transmitters from 1 bar to 16 bar gauge, split range and absolute
Gems 3500 series wide range options

Pressure transmitters compact SS - Gems 3100,3200

Compact SS pressure transmitters from 6 bar to 1600 bar gauge, ideal for industrial general purpose applications, and 3200 for hydraulics.

Absolute & Split Range Pressure Transmitters - Gems 2200...

From 0-1bar to 400 bar, with absolute & split ranges available.

Flush diaphragm sanitary SS body transmitter LEEG SMP858-TLF...

Flush diaphragm sanitary SS body pressure transmitter LEEG SMP858 suiting CIP applications and level measurement
LEEG Instruments SMP 858 series
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