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Differential Pressure Transmitter - Gems 5266

Gems 5266 low range pressure transmitter measures gauge or differential pressure by means of a stainless steel diaphragm, & capacitive sensor. The model 5266 incorporates an ASIC to provide a temperature compensated high level analogue output over the temperature range -18 to 65°C. Mounted in a glass filled polyester case with pipe fittings the 5266 can measure pressures in the range 100 to 5000 pascals in seven ranges

The 5266 utilises an all stainless steel microtig welded sensor. The tensioned stainless steel diaphragm & insulated stainless steel electrode, positioned close to the diaphragm, form a variable capacitor. Positive pressure moves the diaphragm toward the electrode, increasing the capacitance. A decrease in pressure moves the diaphragm away from the electrode, decreasing the capacitance. The change in capacitance is detected & converted to a linear DC electrical signal by Gems unique electronic circuit.

  • 24 VAC/DC power supply for 2 wire, 12-30V for voltage outputs
  • Excellent long term stability  - Easy to install
  • Voltage 0-5,10VDC or 4 to 20mA two wire output
  • Ranges from 0-100 to 0-5000 Pascals in 7 models
  • -18 to 65C   --  Accuracy +/-1%

Delivery 3-4 weeks from order if not in stock - most ranges

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GM-5266-100L-CT Gems low range dry gas DP transmitter 0-100Pa 4-20mA Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

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Gems 5266 low range dry gas DP transmitter Data 462 KB Download PDF

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