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Pressure Transmitters compact low range - Gems 3500 series

The Gems 3500 series pressure sensor range is the latest release in the 3000 group, covering the low ranges from 0-1 through 0-16 bar. Compound (split) ranges and absolute ranges are included. The SS case is fully welded with a welded SS diaphragm and ASIC electronics are protected from interference. There are many options for electrical connection and process connection and 7 different outputs including .5-4.5VDC ratiometric. It replaces Gems 3300 and add material 316L wetted parts and increased  stability over long term

We stock with M12 IP67 connector (cable order separately) and the mini DIN - mating connector is included. This model is very suited to OEM applications with potential for very competitive pricing and customised configuration.      

Common product features:

  • Ranges from 0-1 bar to 0-16 bar - ABSOLUTE ranges.
  • Compound ranges such as -1+0.6, -1+3 and -1+9 available
  • Accuracy 0.25%FS        low thermal error 1.0% for 80C shift
  • Compensated -20+100C operate -40+125C
  • Zero tolerance +/-0.5%  ~ Span +/-0.5%
  • Wetted parts 316L SS --- standard process connection 1/4 BSP male
  • 4-20mA standard -- supply 10-30VDC
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GM-3300BE-6 Pressure Transmitter 2 wire 0-6 bar M12 plug 1/4BSP - cable not included Stock Available $236.00
GM-3000-CAB-1.5M Cable with M12 connector 1.5 metres Stock Available $34.50
GM-3300RB Miniature SS 0-5V pressure transmitter mini DIN plug -1+9 bar G Stock Available $236.00
GM-3500-BB-1 Miniature SS 2 wire pressure transmitter mini DIN plug 0-1 barG Stock Unavailable $205.00
GM-3000-CAB-5M Cable with M12 connector to suit 3000 series 5 metres Stock Available $61.00
GM-3500-BB-6 Miniature SS 2 wire pressure transmitter mini DIN plug 0-6 barG Stock Unavailable $205.00
GM-3300BB-4 Pressure Transmitter 2 wire 0-4 bar mini DIN plug 1/4BSP Stock Unavailable $236.00
GM-3500-BE-1 Miniature SS 2 wire pressure transmitter M12 4 pin plug 0-1 barG (cable required) Stock Unavailable $205.00

Additional Information

Gems 3300 series pressure transmitter data sheets 1445 KB Download PDF
Pressure transmitter Gems 3500 series data sheets 1024 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operation Instructions Gems 3300/3500 147KB Download PDF
Cable color code for M12 connection 277KB Download PDF