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Portable flow meter kit ~ clamp-on sensors - ready to use TUF-2000H

Portable flow meters for on-site testing and data acquisition can be difficult to install. Transit time ultrasonic flow meters use sensors which strap on to the outside of existing pipes and are configured for the pipe size and material - and the liquid. They are tolerant of suspended solids to 2% but not of partially filled pipes, or aeration. The standard unit has internal data logging to 2000 lines with data transfer to a PC for analysis using a spreadsheet . The units have wide functionality and have three sensor sets available to cover pipes - DN25 to DN100 [standard], DN50 to DN700 and DN300 to DN6000 - all available as standard  to 90-C and high temperature to 160C as an option. One pair 90C sensor set of the size selected, is included in the basic kit, other sensor sizes or high temperature sensors are an optional extra.

  • Comes complete as a kit with one set of 90C sensors and 5M cables
  • Flow velocity bi-directional +/-32m/sec
  • Suspended solids to 20000ppm
  • Accuracy +/- 1% and linearity +/-0.5% when correctly installed
  • RS232 hyperterminal connection standard - internal memory 2000 datasets
  • Rechargeable internal battery - 10hrs operation.. charger included

To extend the versatility of your system purchase matching sensors for other pipe size ranges. If you work consistently in a limited range of pipe sizes, consider using optional brackets to reduce set up times

In particular sensors for small pipes from DN15 are available with bracket fixing - DT-TUF2000H-TSS [minimum size with kit sensor is DN25]

See separate web page for flow kit accessories  hot link  HERE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
DH-TDS110 Hand held ultrasonic thickness meter to 99.99mm - logging Stock Available $785.00
DT-TUF2000H-S-KT TTFM portable flow meter kit with case, sensors, cable & accessories without sensor brackets[options] Stock Available $1,200.00
DT-TUF2000H-M-KT TTFM portable flow meter, kit DN50-700 with case, sensors, cable & access. without sensor brackets[options] Stock Available $1,200.00

Additional Information

Data sheet of portable flow meter kit 1481 KB Download PDF
Check list to select correct options for TUF-2000H kits 445 KB Download PDF
Catalog of TTFM flow products and accessories 1240 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating instructions for TUF-2000H flow meter 362KB Download PDF
Quick start simplified manual for first time users - see separate file for reference materials if required 2393KB Download PDF
Reference materials for TTFM flow - velocity in metals and fluids and in water vs temperature 1085KB Download PDF