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Platypus PLASTIC BODY submersible level transmitter

Platypus HE is a special version of the Platypus with a PVC body and Buna N isolating diaphragm and O rings. It uses Gems 3300 pressure sensors and so the minimum span is 0-10.2M WG and has 4-20mA output only. These were developed for use in salt water, bur equally can be used in any chemicals compatible with NYLON, PVC and Buna N [nitrile]. We generally propose to use universal transmitter PR-4114 or PR-4116 [which includes 2 relays] because these power the platypus and allow rescaling of the 4-20mA signal

  • Ranges 0-10, 0-25M WG - suitable for ranges down to 0-1M at moderate accuracy
  • Temperature limit 50C
  • Cable lengths to 30M - inquire for longer cables
  • Power requirement 10-30V DC
  • Output 4-20mA
  • Ratiometric and voltage outputs available - not from stock
  • Standard version WITHOUT SS support cable
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PLATYPUS-HE Plastic platypus 10M cable without SS support Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.
PLATYPUS-HE-KIT Plastic Platypus + PR-4114 + Vent Box 10M cable Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

Additional Information

Platypus data complete family 1196 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operators instructions - all versions 1254KB Download PDF