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Plaster board drying - temperature & moisture control system Raytek TIP900

Raytek TIP900 is the evolution of the TIP450 system and is widely used in wall board plants for dryer set up and board quality control. The high resolution thermal images of every single board correlate absolutely to moisture content, and density in the finished product as it leaves the dryer. The system is supplied as a complete turn key kit, and ECEFast is able to commission new systems after installation. The system detects faults such as over or under dried boards, paper blisters, voids, edge peel/end burns - through intuitive visualisation on a large touch screen display. Automatic fault detection is also a feature.

  • Detailed continuous board quality monitoring
  • Automated board defect detection and rejection
  • Dynamic deck to deck dryer profile balance monitoring
  • Database LogViewer for historical analysis
  • Configurable reject/alarm parameters
  • Share TIP900 data on network computers
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MP150-LT Infra Red Thermal Scanner 20-350C 512 points per line Stock Unavailable $37,460.00

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