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PID Temperature Controller Economy - BC-X100 Series

Control your process with this brand new series of low cost highly flexible controllers . They utilize ASIC technology to achieve high functionality with low cost. Available in all standard sizes, the new 100 Series sets a benchmark for price/performance. These controllers have highly modular construction and may be converted to different outputs and functionality to fulfill your specific needs. All are compatible with our PC RampX software for remote data aquisition and control. In addition we can use RampX to generate ramp control functions centrally for multiple controllers. All common panel cutout sizes are available including 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN as well as 72x72mm.

  • T/C & RTD inputs standard
  • mA, mV and V optional (select before shipping)
  • Controlled (single) ramp & soak function
  • Heat & cool control - Auto manual function
  • Optional RS 485 Modbus (plug in module)
  • All models are PC programmable with interface for multiples
  • Compatible supervisory PC software - RampX and SCADA BC-DAQSTUDIO
  • BC-C91 and C21 single display - other models dual display
  • 9100-48x48, 8100-48x96, 7100-72x72 and 4100-96x96mm sizes
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
BC-C91-1122 Controller 48 x 48 single display, relay + 1 alarm ~ BTC-C91 411100 Stock Available $157.00
BC-9100-2122 Controller 48x48mm relay plus 2 alarm LOW voltage supply 11-28V AC/DC ~ BTC 9100 5111101 Stock Available $212.00
BC-9100-1122 Controller 9100 series 48x48 3 relays 90-260V supply ~ BTC 9100 4111101 Stock Available $176.00
BC-4100-1122 Controller 96 x 96 dual display, relay +2 alarms ~ BTC 4100 4111101 Stock Available $237.00
BC-9100-DINCLIP DIN rail bracket mounting for 9100 models Stock Available $28.60
BC-9100-1322 Controller 48 x 48 dual display output logic (for SSR) + 2 alarm relay ~ BTC 9100 4121101 Stock Available $176.00
BC-7100-1122 Universal controller 72 x 72 dual display, relay +2 alarms ~ BTC 7100 4111101 Stock Available $218.00
BC-C91-1121 Controller 48x48 single display, relay control output ~ BTC-C91 411100 Stock Available $133.00
BC-9100-1522 Controller 48x48mm 90-240V output 4 to 20mA + 2 alarm relay ~ BTC 9100 4131101 Stock Available $290.00
BC-8100-1122 Controller 48 x 96 vertical -dual display, relay +2 alarms ~ BTC 8100 4111101 Stock Available $200.00

Additional Information

BC-C91 376 KB Download PDF
BC-4100/7100/8100/9100 249 KB Download PDF
BC-C91 single Display controller data sheet 1383 KB Download PDF
BC-4100/7100/8100/9100 Data Sheet 249 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions X100 series Controllers 650KB Download PDF