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Self install wireless temperature system - cloud

2 December 2015  |  Food Safety

Building on a long history of wireless monitoring in the food and pharmaceutical areas, Hanwell has released the new Notion Lite system. This is the only low cost system using 434MHz to give trouble free wireless performance in most real world environments even when the transmitter is inside a refrigerator. The Lite system is for temperature, and door open alarms only [up to 10 transmitters]  - other systems exist which can handle almost any input, long ranges and unlimited channels - also for CFR21 part 11 compliant systems.

We installed a system in our office to test, and we can verify it is easy to install, easy to set up the webservice, and effective in operation. The receiver simply connects to a router in the network - in our case a normal domestic WiFi router - and from that moment all interactions are through a normal web browser.

The transmitter uses normal AA alkaline batteries - readily replaceable - and are available in 4 variations - with internal or external sensor and with or without door sensor input.

The sofware provides log on for multiple users and very flexible alarm direction / and allocation so responsibility can be shared on a calendar basis. There is a nominal support charge of around $10 per month for the cloud server.

Check our office temperatures HERE

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