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Rotomoulding - wireless measurement of mould cavity air temperature

25 September 2015  |  Plastics

One of the key paramenters in successful rotomoulding quality control is the mould cavity air temperature. This is the environment in which the plastic powder is fusing and the finished material  properties and dimensions depend on temperature.  In practice the temperature is usually inferred from the oven temperature, because it is difficult to get the sensor signal out of the oven [slip rings for example].

In some cases operators use datalogging systems with or without wireless transmission to measure one or a number of machine cycles accuratety, and then model the system behaviour for continuous operation.

ECEFast has developed a system using a heat proof case with chilled heat sink to house an RF transmitter that measures the temperature and transmits it to a receiver outside the oven with 4-20mA output for the control system.  By using a "fast change" heat sink, the transmitter can run for every machine cycle.