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Safety Designation 'c' for Extrusion Pressure Sensors

18 April 2013

Safe, efficient and state-of the-art machinery with the new Performance Level ‘c’ filled sensors


Gefran launches the new filled Melt pressure sensors series with Performance Level ‘c’ third-party certification: the ideal solution to increase the safety level of machinery imposed by current international standards.

The PL 'c ' series in fact complies with the latest revision of standard EN1114-1 related to the safety requirements of the extruders.

The benefits are tangible and immediate:

  • lower risks for operators
  • higher safety levels for the machinery
  • complete respect of the environment (i.e. the diathermic oil is a Food and Drug Administration approved substance as well as the NaK is a Generally Recognized As Safe substance)

Gefran: the first and the only company today in the market with a comprehensive range of Performance Level ‘c’ Melt pressure transducers.

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